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Conducted activities include the:

The study of individual and consolidated financial statements, prepared in accordance with Polish and International Financial Reporting Standards Review of individual and consolidated financial statements, prepared in accordance with Polish and International Financial Reporting Standards

The purpose of the review of the financial statements is the statement by the auditor, based on its knowledge, experience, knowledge of the individual and the analyzes carried out, queries and access to the accounts, whether it is necessary to the financial statements of the major changes, for recognition, that it presents a fairly, properly and clearly the financial position and financial result.

Review of financial statements of entities subject to takeover (due diligence)
Due diligence is a process of thorough analysis of the enterprise in the process of ownership transformation of enterprises: privatization, mergers and acquisitions. Due diligence is an objective analysis of the company to determine the strengths and weaknesses and identify areas of potential hazards.

The scope and structure of the due diligence process is tailored to the needs and requirements. The scope of services includes due diligence:

· check the correctness of the valuation of assets and liabilities and determination of the financial result;
· identify significant changes in assets and liabilities, revenues and expenses;
· identification and evaluation of all relevant business transactions affecting the financial position;
· identification of off-balance sheet commitments;
· assessment of the accuracy of tax returns and the resulting risks are.

Verifications of consolidation packages for Group  
Audit the use of funds for projects financed from EU funds  

The purpose of the audit to obtain reasonable assurance and confirmation, that the costs of the project is eligible, and the project is implemented in accordance with the contract and request.

The audit is primarily to check:
· whether the beneficiary implements the project in accordance with the contract and the grant application and the applicable laws,
· whether the internal control procedures of the Beneficiary shall ensure that the project, accuracy of payment claims, and that the expenses incurred shall be eligible,
· whether the beneficiary has adequate financial and accounting procedures and the procedures for, for each operation and, if appropriate, technical specification, financial plan, grant aid documentation, documentation of the award procedure for public procurement, progress reports and reports on verifications and audits;
· Beneficiary of separate accounting for the project;
· eligibility of expenditure and method of documenting them;
· whether requests for payment from the beneficiary in the accounts of the Project;
· the reliability of applications for payment in the reporting of the project, on factual data and to achieve the objectives and indicators;
· whether the Beneficiary has implemented the recommendations of the checks / audits and removed any irregularities;
· archiving system documentation gathered in the framework of the project;
· whether the beneficiary, on information and promotion, apply to records contained in the project financing agreement.

Overview of accounts

  The review identify errors and deficiencies in the accounting system based on a sample of the revised document, evaluate the accuracy of bookkeeping

Accounting and Financial

  Offer advice to the accounting is primarily helping with the cleaning company accounting policy, adaptation of accounting principles to the specific activities of the entity, waking up, analysis of the legacy tax and accounting, assistance in planning accounting for start-ups.

Advising how to recognize the effects of economic events in the financial statements. The combination of services auditor and tax consultant can optimize the solutions for the accounting law.

The service also includes:

· creation and updating of accounting policy,
· preparation of financial statements,
· make tax returns for income tax and tax on goods and services,
· preparing tax returns for the Offices,
· waking up accounting.
·Current oversight of the accounting and tax compliance

We adapt the scope of services to customer needs and expectations. We propose taking over responsibilities of the Chief Accountant, assure reliability and professionalism of our services, guarantee the security of the tax, Legal, timeliness and accuracy of billing.

Tax advice

The tax advice offered primarily tax optimization, we are building based on the analysis of a company's finances. We guarantee the safety of operations by assisting in resolving tax problems and interpretation of economic events in the context of existing legislation. We prepare the best tax plans for the implementation of business operations, We offer an analysis of contracts in terms of tax law. In addition, we conduct tax audits of VAT , CIT and other types of taxes.

The service also includes

·Preparation of the opinion disposing of tax affairs
·Tax audits.
·advice on the optimum form of PIT tax, CIT, VAT.

Audit of financial statements for the prospectus ·examination of historical financial data according to PAS / IAS,

·examination of the report pro-forma,
·examination of the financial forecasts,

Support for the compilation of financial data to the prospectus

  Implementation of International Financial Reporting Standards - the identification of differences and support in preparing for the first time the financial statements in accordance with IFRS / IAS

  The scope of service includes:
·Entity's accounting policy review and identification of differences in terms of IFRS,
·The wording of the report, the spec differences in use in the solutions to the requirements of IFRS, together with recommended actions to remove differences,
·Design of the necessary changes in the chart of accounts and accounting policies,
·The creation of tools necessary for fulfillment of the requirements of IAS / np. sheets to valuation /.

The study plans to connect, distribution and transformation of individuals under the Code of Commercial Companies

The aim of the service is to formulate views on the merger plan, division or transformation of bodies in accordance with the requirements of the Code of Commercial Companies, including the regulation of accounting.

The audit of the company founders

The study is the formulation of an opinion in accordance with the requirements of. 312 Commercial Companies Code.

Agreed upon procedures audit.

Verification procedures prepared on special request, made in accordance with International Standards on Auditing.